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Are you happy with your Tummy Talk Pregnancy Album? Let us know by emailing us and we’ll post your comments!


11:28 a.m., April 12, 2007

" This is a great product, my sister in law is expecting her third and so I'm purchasing this book for her... She has never kept a pregnancy journal, and this book is perfect! You can fill every page and I love that there isn't a bunch of pages of possibly helpful, but not really nessesary pages. I'm very excited you guys have more products now!!! "



8:12 a.m., January 31, 2007

"I got my book yesterday. Thank you soooo much for creating this book. My husband and I sat down last night and put some pictures in and filled in the information to date of the pregnancy. It was a lot of fun! I look forward to the day I can give it to my child! I'll definitely be recommending this book to anyone and everyone that will listen. Thank you again!"

Brooke from Mission Viejo, CA - Soon-to-be-mom


2:22 p.m., January 16, 2007

"I received my book, today! Thank you!!! And the personal note was a great touch, too. I can’t wait to start filling it out, tonight!

Have a beautiful day!"

Jennifer from Aspen, CO – Soon-to-be-mom


9:05 a.m., January 5, 2007

"I received my tummy talk book this morning and I LOVE IT!!!!!! This is our first baby and I have been looking for a journal-scrapbook that I can put pictures in and also record all of the memories throughout the pregnancy!!! This book has it ALL!!!!!

I am so HAPPY with it. Also the shipping was super fast so I can get started sooner that I thought. Thank you so much for you personal note as well that was attached to the order."


Katie E.


8:30 a.m., December 22, 2006

"I love my Tummy Talk Pregnancy Books! I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and with each child my experience has been different. Finding a journal that would allow me to customize my experience for each child was very difficult, that is until I found this book. This book is amazing. I love that this book comes in different colors and that it has a very elegant yet classic appeal. I know this book is definitely something that my children will one day cherish, as this is the beginning of the story of their lives! I hope to see more from Tummy Talk…maybe another journal to keepsake the years to come. "

Michelle A. from Sacramento, CA – Mother of 3


9:06 p.m., December 21, 2006

"The Tummy Talk book is the perfect gift - something any expectant mother or her family would appreciate and cherish. There are so many fabulous fill-ins that you might never think of – quaint, but worth remembering. Nothing is left out and all stages of the experience of motherhood are given special attention throughout the pages. The sincerity and passion that went into the creation of the books is clearly evident – the quality is fantastic, the style fresh yet timeless and the content fun and creative. Thank you for taking the guesswork out – this is THE book!"

Lindsay H. from Kirkland, WA – Friend of many mothers-to-be!


10:20 a.m., October 23, 2006

"Tummy Talk exudes quality and fun, characteristics that will inspire anyone who is not a scrapbook junkie, like myself, to become one! I love mine.  Please come out with more colors."

Yvonne K. from Auburn, WA - Mother to Mason


10:42 a.m., September 25, 2006

"It is a beautiful book. I love that it combines scrapbooking with journaling. I really love that it is a spiral bound book so you can lay it flat and not lose the backing. The jewel placement adds the touch of classic elegance that makes it a wonderful gift."

Dianne D. from Seattle, WA - Grandmother of 6


5:19 p.m., September 21, 2006

"Your Tummy Talk scrapbook/journal is exquisite! I presented one to my friend's daughter and she was thrilled to receive such an elegant gift that is so very meaningful."

Robyn S. from Port Ludlow, WA - Grandmother of 4

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